Technical Tour

Two technical tours will be organised on two days to the same destination: the Margaretenhöhe MBR demonstration plant.

  • Tuesday 5 June 2007 (Conference Day 2) at 16h
  • Wednesday 6 June 2007 (Technical Workshop Day) at 16h

The Margaretenhöhe plant is a full-scale containerised MBR plant operated by Berliner Wasserbetriebe in the context of the ENREM project supported by the EU-Life program.

The ENREM demonstration project, coordinated by the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water, consists in operating and evaluating a decentral wastewater scheme with low pressure sewer and advanced biological nutrients removal in a containerised MBR unit for peri-urban communities.

Shuttles will be organised departing from and returning to the conference location. Registration is required to those willing to attend (see registration form) and within the limitation of place availability.