Poster Session

  • Protecting an aquifer by retrofitting a municipal wastewater treatment plant with membrane filtration
    C. Brepols, H. Schäfer, N.t Engelhardt (Erftverband, Germany)
  • Characterization of Shear Forces Inside Gas-Sparged Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules
    C. C. V. Chan, P. R. Berube, E.R. Hall (University of British Columbia, Canada)

  • Performance evaluation of submerged membrane anaerobic bioreactor treating different strength synthetic industrial wastewater

    M. Ferraris, C. Innella, F. Malpei, A. Pollice (ENEA, MT, Italy)

  • Utilisation of white water in hotel and catering industry

    K. Gethke, H. Herbst, C. Keysers (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

  • Utilization of microfiltration for regeneration of degreasing solutions

    J. Horcickova, H. Petr (University of Pardubuce, Czech Republic)

  • Influence of nano-particles on membrane fouling in the biofim membrane bioreactor (BF-MBR)

    I. Ivanovic, M. Fitz, T.O. Leikness (NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

  • Water Reuse Experience with ZeeWeed Ultrafiltration Membranes

    K. Jähnel,  Dr. Ing. E. Döpkens (ZENON GmbH, Germany)

  • European and worldwide water reuse applications with Kubota Submerged Membrane Bioreactor

    M. Kanai, V. Ferre Pellicer, S. Lluch, K. Izumi (Kubota Membrane Europe Ltd, UK)

  • Impact of wetting agents on filtration properties of membranes applied in municipal MBRs

    J. Kochan , S. Buetehorn, C. N. Koh, T. Wintgens, T. Melin, D. Volmering, K. Vossenkaul (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

  • MBR-Network: a coalition of European projects dedicated to the development of MBR technology

    B. Lesjean, T.O. Leikness (Berlin Centre of Competence for Water, Germany)

  • Influence of operating conditions on chemically reversible fouling in MBRs.

    T. Miyoshi, T. Naruse, N. Yamato, K. Kiimura, Y. Watanabe (Hokkaido University, Japan)

  • Module design of aerated hollow fibres modules for Membrane Bioreactors: Impact of bundle geometry on Fouling and Hydrodynamics in an external MBR configuration with a low recycling velocity

    S. Pollet, C. Guigui, C. Cabassud (INSA Toulouse, France)

  • Waste water treatment and recycling with membrane technologies

    F. Reichwald, Dr. K. Hagen (Kruger WABAG GmbH / Veolia Water Solution & Techonologies, Germany)

  • Link between flocculation and fouling in a MBR

    M. Remy, Dr. H. Temmink (Wetsus, center for sustainable water technology, Holland)

  • Hydrogenotrophic Denitrification and Perchlorate Reduction of Spent Ion Exchange Brines Using Hollow Fiber Membrane Bioreactors

    A. K. Sahu, Dr. S. J. Ergas (University of Massachusetts, USA)

  • Electro-assisted Treatment of Sludge from Membrane Bioreactor Treating Municipal Wastewater

    D. P. Saroj, G. Guglielmi, D. Chiarani, E. Ferrarese, G. Andreottola (University of Trento , Italy)

  • Greywater - Recycling with MBR - Supply of hygienic service water for a premise

    C. Schlapp, Dr. Ing. S. Paris (Hans Huber AG, Germany)

  • Membrane systems - Your professional Future

    Prof. Dr. W. Schmidt (Simas Schulungsinstitut für Membrantechnik in der Abwasserreinigung in Seelscheid, Germany)

  • The role of nanoparticle in microfiltration fouling - Application ot supernatant membrane bioreactor liquor

    B. Teychené, C. Guigui, C. Cabassud (INSA Toulouse, France)

  • Optimisation of phosphorous removal and denitrification processes of full-scale in-building MBR systems for urban reuse in the US

    B. Verrecht, A. Higgins, R. Birks (Thames Water Utilities Ltd, UK)

  • Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin, an internation research network for water in urban cycle

    B. Weigert, L. Pawlowski (Berlin Centre of Competence for Water, Germany)

  • Treatment of Synthetic Wastewater Containing (RS)-MCPP Using Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (aMBR)

    A. Yuzir, P.J. Sallis (University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)